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EpiAnalytics is a Social Media Insights Partner with’s Marketing Cloud (Radian6).


Our product name is EpiInsights™ and I have included some links to background collateral below.

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As a first step, we can bring the your existing Brand classification schema to your communities and Social Media analysis.  As a second step, we can fill in the gaps in the analysis by implementing a custom social media codebooks.


As an AppExchange partner EpiAnalytics offers contact center solutions and survey solutions:

-SmartCase™: Service Cloud, real-time semantic routing, Sentiment analysis, sets Picklist values, workflow automation

-Reason™: Survey Analytics, Sentiment analysis, industry-specific codebooks 


EpiAnalytics Joins Expanding Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Insights Ecosystem

EpiAnalytics’ EpiInsights solution enables customers to harness the power of social intelligence and connect with customers in entirely new ways Insights ecosystem taps into social data from leading social analytics vendors like EpiAnalytics

Carlsbad, California (PRWEB) December 2012

EpiAnalytics, Inc. has joined the growing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Insights ecosystem. The EpiAnalytics product, EpiInsights™, brings real-time text and sentiment analytics to the Insights ecosystem, helping companies leverage the power of social to connect with customers, partners and employees in entirely new ways. All departments within a company need to harness the power of social media. Now, with EpiInsights, corporate constituents can work together to satisfy customers and listen to the collective social voice. EpiInsights bridges the gap between the different needs of the business so they can provide the highest quality customer care, easily listen to the voice of their customers and prospects, and react to customer issues quickly throughout the entire company.

Comments on the News
“Unlike traditional text analytics solutions that have been designed to analyze unstructured data in batch mode or inside of a separate data warehouse, EpiAnalytics technology is unique because it was designed and built as an integrated, real-time solution. EpiInsights transforms social comments into structured data to bring additional value to Salesforce Marketing Cloud customers,” said Jim Vecchio, executive vice president and co-founder of EpiAnalytics. “Businesses are now able to react quickly to consumer comments, requests and complaints. Simply plug in our solution and start making social comments more actionable and more operational for your brand.”
“Today’s leading brands recognize that social media is transforming the way they connect with customers on a global scale,” said Michael Lazerow, CMO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, “By leveraging the power of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, partners such as EpiAnalytics are empowering companies to take advantage of this shift and turn insights from millions of conversations about their products, brand and industry into actions that strengthen customer relationships.”

The Power of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Insights Ecosystem
Companies are tapping into the power of the Marketing Cloud to transform customer conversations about their service, products and brands in order to achieve high customer satisfaction as well as gain a competitive advantage. EpiInsights provides a turn-key point solution that eliminates the need for imprecise, labor-intensive manual analysis – all for very little investment in time and capital.

EpiInsights brings text analytics and contact center best practices along with EpiAnalytics proven success on’s AppExchange to Marketing Cloud customers. Businesses can now leverage EpiInsights to analyze, tag and transform social conversations immediately. The EpiInsights package includes the following multidimensional insight types:
SUPPORT CASE: Tags social comments seeking customer support,
ATTRITION RISK: Tags social comments from at-risk consumers and detractors,
SALES OPPORTUNITY: Tags social comments with purchase intent,
LOYALTY: Tags social comments from promoters and advocates,
ADVANCED SENTIMENT: Refines and segments social comments with advanced sentiment, and
PROFANITY: Supplemental tag and indicator of comment intensity

With EpiInsights, businesses can automate social workflows to engage with, sell to and provide support to social customers and prospects in entirely new ways.

Product Key Features
EpiInsights turn-key solution allows companies to immediately begin automating social business processes and workflows for increased efficiency and better customer experiences
Increase user adoption with EpiInsights and manage all social insights in one place
Configure EpiInsights from within the Marketing Cloud Insights dashboard to address virtually any business objective
EpiInsights transforms all customer comments, not just a representative sample
Quickly identify negative comments and support issues, before they become major problems
Leverage and publish positive customer experiences from loyal advocates to gain and maintain competitive advantage
Uncover Actionable Intelligence with New Social Insights
The Insights ecosystem brings together 20 of the industry’s leading social analytics leaders to help companies accelerate their shift from passive social listening to real business results, turning insights into action. The industry’s most comprehensive solution for managing social media engagement, Insights allows customers to filter through the noise and quickly analyze large volumes of social data to generate actionable social intelligence and connect with customers in entirely new ways.

Availability and Pricing
EpiInsights is now available as an add-on within the Marketing Cloud Insights dashboard. Using a new credits-based currency system, customers now have an easy and flexible way to pilot, purchase and combine social analytics offerings from more than 20 Insights partners.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Basic Edition includes 1,000 Insights credits/month
Customers can purchase additional blocks of 10,000 credits for $100/month
Credits can be deployed to implement EpiInsights within the Marketing Cloud

About Salesforce Marketing Cloud
The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the most comprehensive suite for social marketing. Marketing Cloud is first suite to unify social listening, content, engagement, advertising, workflow, automation and measurement. By combining industry leaders Buddy Media and Radian6 to power the Marketing Cloud, brands now have a proven suite to manage all social marketing activity and access common assets in one place.
About EpiAnalytics
EpiAnalytics, Inc. provides operational, social and contact center text analytics that companies use for process automation, to improve customer satisfaction, and increase customer care efficiencies. Our on-demand text analytics application is used by Global companies to managing and improving the effectiveness, quality and overall experience provided by the organization. To learn about EpiAnalytics please visit:

EpiAnalytics for the AppExchange

EpiAnalytics Text Analytics listing on the AppExchange where we offer three distinct solutions:

1) SmartCase™ our contact center automation solution,

2) Reason™ our Voice of the Customer, NPS survey, and customer feedback solution, and

3) RedFlag™ our customer intelligence and early warning solution that quickly identifies emerging insights from CRM and social media data (this is integrated with Radian6).

Extending the Voice of the Customer with Text Analytics

Using Text Analytics

Extend VOC with Text Analytics

EpiAnalytics Surpasses Ten Million Customer Transaction Mark

CARLSBAD – December 3, 2010 – EpiAnalytics, Inc., the technology leader in on-demand business intelligence and automation solutions, today announced it has reached and surpassed a major milestone. The company’s intelligent text analytic software, SmartCase™, automates manual human efforts to improve organizations’ service and support business processes and operational performance, and has analyzed and processed more than 10,000,000 client transactions.

“Reaching this significant milestone in less than 18 months speaks to the level of demand for solutions like ours,” said president, Jim Vecchio. “Our clients trust EpiAnalytics with their most valuable asset – their customer interactions. Therefore when we enable our clients to deliver high quality service while reducing their effort and cost to do so, we are able to drive significant business value.”

Several world-class customer contact centers have installed EpiAnalytics’ solutions and have realized improvements in their Dashboards’ of Success in the following areas:
• Case Automation Rate: 75% of all inbound customer service requests
• Overall Agent Productivity: 120% increase
• Customer Response Speed: 600% increase
• Time In Queue: 65% reduction
• Overall Support Productivity: 25% increase
• Customer Satisfaction: 20% increase
• Employee Satisfaction: 50% increase
• First Contact Resolution Rate: 10% increase
• SLA compliance: from 15% to nearly 100%, using the same number of agents

EpiAnalytics’ real-time business intelligence solutions integrate directly with the agent desktop to help automate contact handling and increase agent efficiencies by:
• Guiding agent to answers versus agents trying to find best solutions in an ambiguous reference manual or convoluted knowledge hierarchy.
• Reducing the amount of time required to maintain training documentation and reference materials related to product information and customer service processes.
• Improving data accuracy and customer experience consistency.

“We are delivering on our solution strategy to help our clients capture, analyze and make rapid, informed decisions that improve their service operations AND their customers’ experience,” said Vecchio. “This milestone is a reflection of the incredible momentum and adoption of our solutions and is further evidenced by our plans for rapid expansion of our text analytics capabilities to a variety of European languages for key global clients.”

Other milestones achieved include established partnerships with Microsoft,, Rackspace, inContact, Astadia, and ExactTarget. The company has also experienced an increase in installations of 400%, followed by a revenue increase of 300%.

About EpiAnalytics, Inc.
EpiAnalytics, Inc.( delivers on-demand contact center analytics and automation solutions that are easy to set up, easy to maintain, and are easy to use. The solution automates manual human efforts to improve service and support business processes and operational performance resulting in reduced operational costs, increased efficiencies, and enhanced risk identification.

For Media Inquiries:

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Top 7 Operational Text Analytics Best Practices (2 of 2)

(this is the second post in a two part series)

Strategically, the EpiAnalytics solution helps to reduce the number of customer contacts handled, increase agent efficiencies, and improve overall Customer Satisfaction by automating contact handling. Specifically, EpiAnalytics solutions help Global Support Operations in the following areas:

4. Reduce operating costs across touch points:
• Dramatic reductions in AHT, as well as enabling 100% automation (auto-response, self-service, and/or fulfillment) with some of the “lower touch” consumer comment areas.
• Knowledge Management Coordinators will spend less time updating Knowledge Management Reference materials which are often times outdated and misleading for agents.
• Operations Analysts can spend less time evaluating the accuracy of agent coding and more time generating insights, while product, service, and compliance reports and dashboards can be automatically generated for the stakeholders that need the data.

5. New Issues Identification (“Red Flag”)
• Automated New Issue and Threshold Alerts are derived from customer communications. These alerts are delivered to internal stakeholders along with customer comments allowing the organization to be more “proactive” and discover the root cause of issues in advance of traditional means.

6. Customer Satisfaction and Issue Identification
• EpiAnalytics real-time text classification solutions are utilized by service organizations to monitor customer satisfaction survey responses and to identify key customer drivers for satisfaction and dissatisfaction.
• Because EpiAnalytics is a real-time solution, disgruntled customers, or customers that did not get their complaint handled to their satisfaction can be automatically routed to a priority agent queue to help “win/back” their loyalty.

7. Operation Business Intelligence / EpiAnalytics Reports & Dashboards
• Creating an “EpiAnalytics Dashboard” inside of is a recommended Best Practice. This method of tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) provides an ideal starting point to monitor and improve the value derived from EpiAnalytics technology. Advanced Dashboards may contain formulas that calculate cost savings utilizing in terms of actual dollars saved. EpiAnalytics Dashboards deliver intelligence to assist both tactical and strategic decision-makers by providing a more thorough understanding of the customer communication data.
• EpiAnalytics helps to maximizing Knowledge Management Coordination time by providing solution intelligence and agent usage statistics, solution maintenance and training documentation efforts become streamlined and focused.
• Examples of EpiAnalytics Reports include (please see below):
-Sample EpiAnalytics Dashboards
-Decrease in Response Time (SLA Report)
-Reduced Average Handle Time (AHT Report)
-Reduce Average Case Age (Aging Report)
-Increase in NPS / CSat (Customer Satisfaction Reports)

Top 7 Operational Text Analytics Best Practices (Part 1 of 2)

Top 7 Operational Text Analytics Best Practices

Strategically, the EpiAnalytics solution helps to reduce the number of customer contacts handled, increase agent efficiencies, and improve overall Customer Satisfaction by automating contact handling. Specifically, EpiAnalytics solutions help Global Support Operations in the following areas:

1. Intelligent Desktop Foundation: EpiAnalytics solutions provide Customer Support Agents with a more intelligent desktop.
• Agents spend a significant amount of time reviewing knowledge materials and/or system details to select the appropriate comment and product path. Using EpiAnalytics technology corporate support teams will eliminate the focus of agents “trying” to select the right code and having a automated systematic approach rather human (and subjective) approach to code selection.
• New agents will appear to be “experts” in their respective Brands as the system will trigger them to collect details and prompts agents to the right response and business process.
• Overall, customers enjoy a reduction in Agent Training Costs, EpiAnalytics increases automation (auto-suggesting solutions) which correlates with shorter, more consumer-focused training.

2. Advance Skill-based Routing / Auto-Response:
• EpiAnalytics technology reduces Average Handle Times (AHT), in some instances 100% of a particular type of customer request can be auto-responded to, and generally overall response times to consumers (searching for products, searching for comments, searching for fulfillment, searching for right code), is significantly reduced

3. Improve Data and Coding Quality:
• With the increased use and visibility of consumer comments data across the organization, coding accuracy is increasingly important. EpiAnalytics automation solutions reduce human error.
• Intelligence derived from the EpiAnalytics solution provides the ability to call out when a new code is required and/or additional codes should be considered for deletion based on statistically valid information and details.
• Analysts spend less time monitoring data accuracy because EpiAnalytics Intelligent Dashboards built directly into SFDC, monitors code (“type” and “subtype”) accuracy for each Brand and Operations Team.
• Uniform analysis helps to increase Corporate Consistencies by ensuring agents handle customer requests in the same manner.

Pan-European Deployment

Pan-European Deployment: EpiAnalytics text classification technology is statistically-based and works with European languages.  We are primarily deployed with email-to-case and web-to-case instances of the service cloud.

Because our solution is statistically-based (and not linguistically-based) we do not need to rely on a thesaurus of phases.  Also, we can analyze multiple open-text fields beyond the Description Field and we have developed a product to analyze and route inbound Leads similar to Cases.  We can deploy with any combination of multi-class classifiers, “yes”/”no” classifiers, or keyword analysis – this provides maximum flexibility for real-time business decisions and the triggering of workflow rules.

Deployment can be self-learning where our models train by learning from agent activity (“agent clone”).  Alternatively, we can implement a bootstrap method utilizing historical data to get up and running more quickly.  We use all the native reporting functionality in

EpiAnalytics Survey Response Automation

For Market Research Organizations and Survey Vendors

EpiAnalytics is a real-time classification engine.  This real-time functionality coupled with our integration capabilities with CRM or other reporting suites means that we can make textual feedback actionable via automation and triggering.

For example, the benefits of our real-time capability are many: 1) not only we can identify a customer attrition risk (or “cancellation reason”) but we can also automatically send the customer an appropriate response or call to action, 2) when surveying customers for a client, we can identify and segment customers in real-time, so when a customer complains about a service experience we can immediately prompt them for additional (deep dive) information about that particular experience (a “real-time focus group”).

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